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Welcome! Feb. 5th, 2004 @ 04:20 pm Next Entry
Welcome the themed quotes. Here, in addition to posting any quotes of personal interest, there will be a monthly theme. The idea is to gather interesting and original quotes on different topics and see what people can dig up. There might be some sort of competition or prize for this, but right now its just for fun. Topics will be voted on about a week before each month. So feel freet o start suggesting topics about a week before, and if someone hasn't started that post then start it yourself and then suggest topics by commenting...voting will also procede in the same way unless anyone wants to chip in for a paid account with polls.

This month's theme is (for lack of anything better, honestly its can be anything any month, I'm just being REALLY random): "The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea" so any quotes you think apply in some way to this theme are welcomed. Hope you enjoy this community!

Once again, feel free to post any quotes you find significant or moving, this is just a place to gather quotes on interesting topics. If you have a project that requires quotes on a certain topic, feel free to post and request help. We're very open and loving here, so join up!
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